2018 GCBS info

The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim on June 10, 2018 was another good day on the water. The weather was threatening, but held (storms stayed to the north, wind stayed reasonably calm during the race, although the easterly breeze did pick up a bit after the race). The sun never came out, but that’s OK. We had about two dozen kayakers on the 4.4 mile swim and a little over a dozen on the 1 mile swim, and we all were busy. The decision to start the race a half an hour early so swimmers wouldn’t be pushed into the rather obtrusive paint barge was successful for that purpose, but it did present tidal challenges for the main span area. Over 60 swimmers had to be pulled, well above average.

Based on the LinMark Sports results, there were 532 4.4 milers and 271 1 milers.

The Capital Gazette has a story with a photo gallery at http://www.capitalgazette.com/lifestyle/ac-cn-bay-swim-0610-story.html.

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